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Lamnik Shuja

Lamnik Shuja
Lamnik Shuja at 8 weeks of age.

While there are diverse working dog breeds worth utilizing, our focus falls on the Belgian Shepherd Malinois. Belgian Malinois is an extremely devoted dog whose will to work is unmatched by any other breed. They are intelligent and alert, work driven and a sensitive dog who remains dedicated to his master. A malinois also stands exeptional in interpreting his master’s comands, both spoken and unspoken. While this breed falls under the medium sized category, his energy surpases his size.
With these unique values among others, we have put our focus on only this breed to constantly maintain and improve it. 

Shuja our sable male is one in many. Temperament, body proportion and protective instincts are a few of his most admirable traits. His stable and clear headed mind makes him a unique problem solver, from simple tasks to overcoming pressure when his drive is at a high level. He has rich European bloodlines, specifically of a reputable German bloodline Vom Greifenring. This Germany kennel has produced super dogs for sports and wildlife conservation amidst a highly competitive environment in Europe.

Behind Shuja is also a strong Romanian kennel bloodline that is worldly known. Braveheart Oradinum. Considering the dogs in his background, he is a completely working dog and this can further be proved from his siblings who are performing in KNPV and FCI. Shuja is a large male just like his mother and is a privilege to have him in our kennel. He has an extremely powerful and balanced head and is a beauty to look at. He pleases us in many ways.

Lamnik Shuja
Shuja at 16 months of age

Our commitment is very specific; to produce exceptional working dogs through an informed and quality breeding program. Our objective of breeding when it’s only necessary is also a policy we intend to adhere to. Utmost consideration is made before engaging any dog in our program. Through quality¬† bloodlines, we aim at having stable, clear-headed dogs with remarkable temperament that are suitable for diverse working environments. At Jitta Kennel, we intend to surpass the qualifications of a mere guard dogs producer.

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