Malinois Areas of Excellence

Dutch Shepherd a close relative to Malinois
Dutch shepherds are at times bred to Malinois

The Belgian Malinois Shepherd whose origin is in the Netherlands, was a sheepdog that was purposely bred for farms. After both world wars, and industrialization spreading across the world, Netherlands also saw an increase in mechanization and the shepherd dogs were not as much in need as during the pre-world wars period. There are other several events that took place between then and around 50s that saw the shepherd dog breeding decline. However, enthusiasts and vets saw to it that the breed somehow was revived.

With world-changing, malinois capabilities have been recognized and utilized in different areas of work among them law enforcement,  family protection, and in sports. Today, the breed has curved a class of its own and there has seen an upsurge in their popularity. There is no doubt that Malinois are intelligent dogs and can tirelessly utilize their will and energy to please their handlers. They are also eager to learn, sensitive, and can pursue all tasks if shown how to go about them. That said, they have excelled in various areas.

Malinois, is a dual purpose dog.

While the German Shepherd has been a utility dog for decades unopposed and tremendously made strides in almost all sectors such as family companion, military and as therapy dogs, the world has since changed and a focus on K9 has not been an exception. Security agencies particularly the military, have recognized Malinois unique performance. For instance, their lighter weight and fewer health issues have defined their roles better thus replacing the German shepherd. Malinois are now deployed across the corners of the globe working as detection dogs, for wildlife protection and in apprehension work. These dogs possess a strong working drive athleticism, and are quick learners, making them ideal for such tasks.

Family protection
When socialized and well trained, Belgian Malinois are also used for personal protection and as guard dogs owing to their territorial instincts. They are naturally protective of their owners and can be trained to respond appropriately to threats while there is need.  Proper socialization and training should be done early to ensure that they are well-behaved, safe around family members and do not overreact to situations. However, Malinois when well-bred can manage most of these situations especially when they are past puppyhood. Their unique character tends to see them shift their attention to one family member, to whom they throw their excessive attention to.

One perspective that most trainers uphold in Malinois is their health. Minimal health issues combined with athleticism makes them perfect for sports. Their skills in socializing with the handler makes them a perfect sports partner.

A well bred dog is handler oriented.

Overall, Belgian Malinois dogs can be an excellent choice for security work, family protection, and detection work, provided they receive the proper training and socialization. It’s also important to note that these dogs require a significant amount of exercise and mental stimulation to stay healthy and happy.

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