About us

Jitta Kennels

Jitta K9 is a family-run kennel whose idea rose in 2021 when the family intended to start a dairy goat farm. From the need of having a protection dog, we considered different dog breeds before narrowing it down to the Belgian Malinois Shepherd. From this point, we developed a passion in the breed but on several inquiries, we realized that we could hardly find a solid and balanced Malinois for a family life. Whatever we found, was not at par with our expectations.
A further look into some of the available Belgian Malinois in Kenya, revealed to us that breeders who had them could hardly tell us of their bloodline history or field of expertise their dogs were most suited for. Here, our journey to import our own began. We sought to have a line whose temperament was family friendly, strong and solid in physique. We aimed at finding bloodlines whose offspring were in protection work and constantly yielded pups whose behaviors were predictable and trainable as family companions. What we found were expensive foundation dogs but worth the course and we have never regretted throwing the strength and resources behind it. We aim at streamlining the bloodline to an energetic all-round healthy dog, enough to serve a family for not less than a decade.

Our Dog Handler
Sammy our Dog Handler

Meet our Staff

Samuel (Founder): Samuel developed a keenness in dogs at an early age. While working at the United Arab Emirates, his passion for the Belgian Malinois and the Dutch Shepherds enormously grew owing to their workability and eagerness to please. This interest was followed by a thorough research and networking with legendary breeders across the world who mentored him and provided top working lines foundation dogs for his breeding program in Kenya. He wont stop pursuing for genetics to keep on improving the quality of the breed.

Sammy (Handler): Admiring and loving a dog is one thing, owning the responsibility and sticking to it is another. Sammy’s consistent care on our dogs is at another level. He goes an extra mile to ensure that they meet their nutritional requirements and their health is closely monitored.

Hats off to our senior dad, who also owned the responsibility of hosting our dogs since puppyhood. The challenges he has been through in learning and managing our dogs proves that the stable temperament of our lines really fits a family life where there is will.

While K9 training and dog handling is now a trend, that is, the world is heeding to K9 industry practices at a similar pace, we are of the opinion that we need to adjust working dogs environment, our attitudes to their unique behaviors and let them be. We also need to evaluate their genetics composition before we think of correcting them or even positively reinforcing some of their behaviors. Dog’s behavioral issues are arising due to different causes that some animal handlers are yet to acknowledge or even realize they exist. We are taking the responsibility of improving this breed quality until we are at another level.

Samuel Handling a Malinois in U.A.E.