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Lamnik Quartz

Lamnik Quartz
Teri at 9 weeks of age.

Quartz (Teri) is a very strong female with quite a large physique especially with her large powerful chest and neck. From her size, you can hardly differentiate her from the much larger males. Working dogs breeders hardly consider physical traits of a dog over their workability but due to the fact that malinois size decreases with linebreeding, Quartz elegant form is a treasure in our program. Further, her persistence on tasks, ability to produce strong dogs that are common in her lines is a blessing to us.

Though she was our first import, we waited for an year and half to have her. The long wait was very rewarding. Combining two dogs from different bloodlines is never a sure bet. It can however be very rewarding if things turn out on your favor. Her compatibility with our male Shuja cast a light on our program. We are proud of her.
Her father, Bond is a fully trained detection dog bred in Serbia. Bond is a grandson of  Stoned Van De Duvetorre, a remarkable dog that has left a stamp in sports and police dog work. Teri, as we nicknamed her is thus a courageous and powerful dog that we are lucky to have.

Jitta Aina

Ainah is a selection form the first litter of Shuja to Quartz. In our intention to only keep as few dogs as possible, she had in her the values we as breeders would wish for. From a young age, she portrayed trainability and rare focus, valuable attributes to trainers. Aina is also a stable female with a very firm approach to situations. Her focus on tasks and consistent concentration led us to consider her as one of our future producers. Just like her mother, she carries a heavy body frame which completes her well balanced body. Simply put, Aina is that dog that waits for direction and delivers beyond the trainer’s expectations.

Jitta Aina at 8 weeks of age