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Sire Shuja

New Litter Announcement (Litter B)

Genetics do not lie, but even with this powerful fact, offspring do not always turn out as expected. It can happen either way. Exceed your expectation or underperform; or luckily turn out as desired. It’s a complex process beyond human control. Our two imports are a rich heritage of Europe bloodlines with strong genetics that have been proven over time. A repeat combination of Shuja and Quartz.

Our previous litter was a success based on testing and observations made by several dog owners. After a careful consideration, one and half years since our previous litter, we decided to do a repeat combination of the two imports. The mating was successful, and we received 7 strong darker pups on 14th April 2024. With only a few dogs to commit to, the dam in her best shape, the combination stamped its stunning bloodline heritage.

For any queries contact us here or quickly reach Sammy through +254703869743.