Jitta Malinois

We breed Belgian Malinois that are excellent in character, temperament and health. From proven lines that produce strong, reliable dogs for family protection and detection work.

From Passion to Devotion

About Jitta K9

At Jitta K9, it’s quality until. Malinois is an elegant and intelligent dog when well-bred. We promote this robust breed to our best through quality working lines.

What Puppy Owners had to Say

With Asha, I realized how family oriented she was. Calm in the house, yet balanced drives while outdoors.
Guard Dogs
Oscar Kambona
Puppy Owner
As a first time Belgian Malinois owner, I found the perfect family pet despite our urban environment.
Family Pet
A. G.
Puppy Owner
From a young age, I recognized his territorial instincts for our compound. He is an ultimate family protector.
Family Protection Dog
Joseph Gathiniji
Puppy Owner


Security Dog

From it’s protective instincts, the Belgian Malinois has turned out to be the most preferred utility dog in police and military work.


Malinois family dog

A perfect family protection dog whose active presence and will to protect keeps your family engaged socially and emotionally.


IGP Sports

Their strong character, health, combined with their intelligence makes them extraordinary performers in sports.

Jitta Kennels

Training to Test

Training our canines is a vital component of our program. It enables us to determine the temperament, drives and character of the dogs in order to pick top most individuals for breeding. Excellence in training is a determining factor in successful breeding.


Established in 2021, Jitta K9 is a family owned kennels located on the slopes of the Aberdare Ranges in Murang’a County, 2 hours’ drive North of Nairobi City.


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